Personnel Hotline: 86-755-86238722-8033 (Manager Xie) R&D Engineer: (Several)

1. Under 40 years old, male or female;
2. Major in full-time machinery/R&D/electronic related majors, bachelor degree or above;
3.Strong independent R&D capability and innovative ideology;
4.Strong responsibility and entrepreneur spirit, and good teamwork spirit and health.
5.1+ year of experience in the same industry preferred.
Job Responsibilities:
1.Pay attention to domestic and foreign technology frontier trends, timely acquire relevant product and market development information, grasp product development tendency and provide technology reference for the decisions of R&D projects;
2.Finish R*D plan and other tasks;
3.Compile technology and process documents and test standard of new products;
4.Analyze and manage laboratory instruments;
5.Participate in product development and research;
6.Participate in establishing product R&D and technology management system, and clear up, file and maintain technical information well;
7.Assist after-sales technical service and solve problems of product technology.

Sales Engineer: (Several)
1.Under 40 years old, male or female;
2.Associate or above;
3.Automation equipment sales experience;
4.Know business requirement of LED industry well;
5.Good language ability, clear thinking;
6.Optimistic, positive and upward, strong teamwork awareness and Chinese and English communication skills;
7.Adapt to frequent business trip.
Job Responsibilities:
1.Positively and effectively finish sales and profit objectives;
2.Plan and execute sales activities;
3.Develop new market and new customers, and increase product sales range;
4.Maintain and promote existing customer relationship.

Customer Service Engineer: (Several)
1.Under 40 years old, high school degree or above, male;
2.2+ years of experience in the industry, independently install, debug and maintain automation equipment, and after-sales service experience in the industry;
3.Adapt to field service;
4.Know traffic in Shenzhen well;
Job Responsibilities:
1.Pre-sales and after-sales door-to-door service;
2.Maintain equipment needing repair;
3.Fill in registration form and documents according to process, and finish accessory exchange and premium application by communicating with manufacturers.

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