With the wide use of the linear motor workbench on the die bonder by partial enterprises in the industry, and the popularization of middle and high-end gold thread machine in all the families, motors which are used less in the daily life, such as linear motors, voice coil motors, etc. arouse much concern from LED packing customers. Because its superhigh acceleration and publicity of advantages of linear motors by a part of the manufacturers, many customers begin to pay attentions to it in the profession. Let’s make a thorough analysis on the prospect of linear motors on LED packing equipment and the characteristics of linear motors as follows:
A linear motor is a motor which does not rotate but moves in a straight line, and its core principle is that: Stators of traditional rotating motors are unfolded to be a straight line, and it also follows the basic principle of electric engine. Because it directly carries out linear motion and can leave out changing the rotational motion to linear motion structure in the mechanism (feed screw nut as the main form), and the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. Therefore, an impulse to use it is generated easily.
However, there is no such a thing as a free lunch, and everything has advantages and disadvantages. It is called revolution in the technical field, namely, the new technology replaces the old one, such as the mobile phone replaces the bleeper (people born in 1990s may not know what it was); but the relationship between a linear motor and a rotating motor is not a revolution because a linear motor has greater disadvantages with the advantages, and the linear motor and the rotating motor are applied in different fields rather than an old generation and a new generation.
The advantages of a linear motor: The greatest advantage of the linear motor is the superhigh speed (the minimum is 1m/s, long-stance motor, such as maglev train can reach 100m/s), superhigh acceleration (generally above 5G, even 20G in underloading), and no drive mechanism.
The disadvantages of linear motor:
▪ Comparing with the rotating motor, its stator field is in a half-open state, and the magnetism gap is greater (generally greater than 1mm), so the output power and the input power are smaller; generally a 5kg load workbench and an AC servo motor with 100W, but if people want to gain the same speed and acceleration, at least a 500 linear motor is needed.
▪ Electromagnetic interference environment: High magnetic fields generated by a motor stator produce huge interference to the electromagnetic environment of the whole equipment, and the transmission stability of many signals must be challenged; in addition, in the maintenance equipment, if operators carelessly make the small things, such as screws, keys, etc. sucked into the motor, and the motor can be damaged.
▪ High cost: Comparing with the mass production of traditional motor, the linear motor are not manufactured in batch (because the size is relevant to the specific structure), and the cost is self-evident.
▪ Difficult motion control: The theory speed and the acceleration of the linear motor are very attractive, but the best effect can be only achieved through a reasonable configuration of the load and the drive actually.
▪ High maintenance cost: The linear motor indeed saves the maintenance cost of the drive structure for the customers, but when the motor has faults, and the maintenance cost is high beyond the imagination. Because the whole structure is tightly relevant to the active cell of the motor, it may not be available after reinstallation; of course, it is not always damaged.
Then, how to use the linear motor on LED equipment? It is thought that the capacity of equipment is restricted by running time to a greater degree only like the bonding wire machine and only use the linear motor can effectively express its effect; to the traditional die bonder with a connecting rod structure, the time for its support plate and WAFER workbench are abundant, and it is not worthy to use the linear motor. The reason why the above enterprises widely use it is that they have their own design and manufacture capacity, and perhaps the cost is lower. As for its convenience to users, the answer varies from people to people. When we provide services for our customers, we have the obligations to provide the more comprehensive information to lead the customers for a rational consumption.
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